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God Squad Inc 

In April of 1977 Reverend Donald L. Brown Sr. organized The God Squad Inc. as a not for profit
501(c) 3 company in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Serving as a , non-religious, non-partisan, and
non-sectarian organization, which provides resources to people of all denominations, (regardless of
age, race, creed, sexual gender, identity, or background familia composition, origin, socio-economic
status or ethnicities) Reverend Brown based his mission on the & needs of the people. His vision
was for continuity of services from a holistic approach that led to social change. He pioneered the
movement of providing emergency assistance to people in crisis. From its inception, the
organization has given food, shelter, and clothing for the less fortunate.
During the 70s, The Church of Lincoln Gardens of New Brunswick, NJ, with the leadership and
direction of Rev. Brown, had emerged The God Squad Inc (GSI). Many programs were created that
would address the failed attempts by governmental bureaucracy and institutionalized racial
When the AIDS Epidemic became a national crisis Rev. Brown created what was then called
Operation Dragnet for the awareness of this deadly disease and addressing the concerns of
victims/patients that have contracted this incurable immune virus. His services extended from the
East coast to some parts of California.
As the War on Drugs was enforced and the return of vietnam veterans; the heightened demand for
grassroots efforts to address substance abuse was prevalent in disadvantaged communities. Many
local churches and community centers that were led by Rev. Brown played a significant role in
providing treatment for those that experienced the effects of substance abuse/drug addiction.

By the mid 90& the academic professionals of Rutgers University had expressed their interest in
having Rev. Brown conduct motivational seminars, sermons, and workshops to encourage
educational goals. During the early 2000 with the support and influence of Rutgers; DLB
Ministries had emerged as one of the most sought out groups in Central Jersey.
As his efforts continued to impact the community he was appointed Lead Pastor for the Peoples
Baptist Church of Newark, NJ. His influence and leadership continued to foster the region, which
pioneered a legacy that would extend for generations. Soon after his passing, in May of 2004,
His tireless efforts and accomplishments were carried out by Dr. Ella L Brown, (Ms. Ella) former wife,
and mother of (5). As a Rutger Graduate with her doctoral studies at Drew University under the
leadership and direction of the late Dr. Proctor. Ms. Ella continued studies at Rutgers Theological
Seminary where she would graduate Summa cum laude and earn her doctorate in Catholicism.
She is an academic professional, innovator in education; professor, therapist, business leader, and
real estate mogul with a passion for soul line dancing and enjoys sweeping floors. Her aptitude,
dexterity and proficiency in the art of &Living with intention is unmatched. Ms. Ella, a master in
Evidence Based Therapeutic Methodology and Study; Her approach is genuine, strategic, and
influential by nature.
Dr. Ella has continued the mission with clear vision in an effort to change lives.
Today, GSI has grandfathered organizations, programs and projects in the north eastern region of
the US. GSI has instituted veteran housing, homeless shelters, financial assistance, with programs
like Belmont Homes and Special Services, (Emergency housing for homeless) Belmont Cares,

Hampton Manor, GSI Homeless Prevention and Veteran Sect. 8 Project Based Housing. The
population has grown substantially and housing has the highest impact on families and children. We
are proud and honored to serve under the Brown Family in their work to end homelessness and Type your paragraph here.