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We’re real people, just like you. Our process is simple: we take the time to get to know you, and we always keep your best interests in mind. At Belmont Homes, our primary focus is to leave you smiling and satisfied.   

Affiliates / Endorsed Associates 

We aim to bring you the most comprehensive care by partnering with the following organizations. 
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To us, doing the right thing is the only thing. While it might be a mantra for us, it’s not always the case with others. We stay true to our values and strive to give you an experience you’ll value for years to come. 

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God Squad Inc 

When you talk to one of our employees, you can expect to interact with a friendly staff member who will take the time to listen to your needs. Learn about the programs below to see which program is the best fit for you.

Belmont Homes

Provides emergency housing for homeless consumers, including veterans, who are referred by the Burlington County Board of Social Services (BCBSS).  Funding for BCBSS consumers is provided at a per diem rate with each family contributing 30% of the household income toward housing costs. 

Belmont Homes is also active in assisting with victims of domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental/ behavioral concerns. We refer clients to many organizations that deal with these particular concerns as well as those residents who display challenging behaviors. We also partner with the American Job Center located directly across the street from our office located in Westampton, NJ. 

Belmont Cares

Currently, Belmont Homes and Special Services offers supportive housing with services which are individualized and customized to the needs of  families. Additional support comes in the form of referrals that offer intensive long-term care services which are therapeutic and/ or medical. These specialized services are selected individually. Many of the services can be provided through outpatient services.  While Belmont Homes can offer supportive services and case management, continued housing is not contingent on acceptance of these services from our agency. 

Family Housing Stabilization Program: Homeless Prevention & Rapid Rehousing 

This program aims to assists tenants at risk of homelessness; families in transition who need help with security deposits or first month rent; assistance with utilities and emergency placement in a transitional situation. The waiting list for this program begins June 1, 2017.  Prescreening begins July 1, 2017.  No walk-ins; appointments ONLY.  Applicants should be prepared to present proof of income for the last 2 months and documentation showing they are ineligible for any other housing assistance.

Section 8. Housing For Veterans 

Section 8 assists low-income, disabled and homeless veterans with safe, affordable housing through a project-based housing subsidy.  In addition, supportive services, through Belmont Cares, are provided for each family housed through this program. 

Our History

Founded in April 1977 by Reverend Donald L. Brown Sr. Belmont Homes and Special Services is an initiative managed by GSI. The purpose of the organization is to provide emergency assistance to people in crisis. It is a 501(c) 3 non-profit, non-partisan, and non-sectarian organization, which grants resources to people of all denominations and ethnicities. From its inception, the organization has given food, shelter, and clothing for the needy, from donations made by businesses and community persons.